Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's just talk about the weather...

Will it be warm and sunny?
Or cold and wet?
Will we need to pack warm clothes?

Wet weather gear?

Sun protection?


The answer is - yes, all of the above, in my humble opinion. From our side of the world it's not easy to make decisions about what clothes to take for this transitional season. After a long hot summer, rain usually refreshes Israel around the end of October, while Jerusalem could be cool at night, and Petra quite hot in the middle of the day.
To make it easier for you to plan, I've just added some new widgets to our blog. Scroll down to see them on the right hand side. Along with the clocks showing the local time in Jerusalem and Amman (both the same!) you'll find the current weather, as well as forecasts for every day next week week in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Amman.
These will automatically update each day. As our departure date approaches we'll be able to keep an eye on the weather pattern and I hope it will make it easier for us to choose what to take when the time comes to pack our bags.
Interestingly, we've had quite similar weather here in Sydney over the last few days. - our spring, their autumn.

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