Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jerusalem – at last!

Here we are, huddled together on Mount Scopus with Jerusalem behind us (the golden Dome of the Rock is to the left of Boak’s head).

IMG_6319The temperature has plummeted and we are freezing – but so excited to be here!

[If you are enjoying reading about our tour you might like to read Ralph's Reflections, which he updates every few days, for a more thoughtful take on what we are seeing. Naftali Tours has also created a special website where you can click on Gallery and see a selection of photos which I update most days.]


Lindi said...

Gee, Di, with a bit of clever manouvering, you could have had the dome on Boaks head! I'm sure God would not have minded a bit of humour, too.

Enjoying the reading. Thanks!

Alicia said...

All brings back such happy memories of our trip in 1987. I remeber taking a photo near the Syrian boarder and Jimmy our guide's horrified look as this was definitely NOT allowed & he was worried we'd be stopped by soldiers who were constantly on the lookout!! Also Banyas where Bruce played his recorder in the hills hidden from our view. Still brings tingles to the back of my neck. You were sadly missed at Bill's funeral today but Ben was magnificent! It was a great send off & we had the caterer again to do the wake. Love to all. Liccy