Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crossing over (and then there were twelve)

The crossing back into Israel was lengthy and the many times we – or our bags, or our passports - were checked was just as mystifying as it was 3 days ago when we crossed over into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. IMG_8165

IMG_8164Our bags were x-rayed by this little mobile unit, and we were given the quizzing we’ve come to expect.  This time, though, we were allowed to keep our passports instead of losing sight of them for around 20 minutes, as we did when the Jordanian officials took them on Monday. IMG_8170 IMG_8171 On the other side of the Allenby Bridge there were real tanks and real soldiers with machine guns trained on our bus and, although I like to think I have a healthy sense of adventure, I make it a rule never to argue with a machine gun.  Hence no photos.

When we were finally allowed to walk through Immigration into the Promised Land we were greeted with warm smiles and bottles of ice-cold water (appropriately branded!) by a team of friendly young Israeli women doing national service.  They were a delight!IMG_8183


Lindi said...

Safe trip home, everyone. Thanks for the tour, Di. It wasn't as good as being there personally, but your commentary was certainly the next best thing.

Di said...

Lindi, you are a treasure! Do you have any idea how much it means to have a loving and sympathetic soul back home reading my blog when I'm travelling to far-flung shores? Perhaps you do... You are a dear, and I have loved having your constant feedback. Thank you! Now, how are things at home? (you know what I mean)