Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Petra taxis



Some wondered whether to do it….IMG_8028 But we had wandered quite a long way by the time we stopped for refreshments.IMG_8083 In the end most took the plunge and rode back to the Treasury (the entrance to the Siq path) either on donkeys….IMG_8084 IMG_8085 IMGP1444 IMGP1445 … or by camel.IMGP1432  Copy of Boak and Di Camels 3 IMG_8088 M2 even saved her legs and took one of these buggies right to the top. (This isn’t her in the photo).IMG_8098 The horses were waiting to take us to the gate.IMG_8105  IMG_2109 IMG_8104 (I apologise for showing so many photos of myself in this post, but they were all I had. I think our fellow-travellers are waiting to view their own ‘animal antics’ back home before sharing their photos with me!)


Lindi said...

Tell us, Di, those little cubicles in the background (last photo) would they happen to be toilets? If so, they look awfully modern for Petra!

Di said...

Lindi, I thought you were an angel - you're actually such a devil! Yes, they are toilets!!!! I hoped no-one would notice. Thanks for blowing my cover (but I'll still speak you :-))

Jan McDonnell said...

Hi Di,
can't think what's better - having you at the quilt group or having you traveling and sending us your marvelous pictures and entralling commentary!
Keep enjoying yourself and see you soon.