Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shopping in the Suq

Day 13 - Jerash and Amman3

Shopping in the suq (market) just outside the entrance to Jerash’s excavations was … hmmmm … an experience.

There were these bling-encrusted crazy patchwork quilts.Day 13 - Jerash and Amman4

And this young man creating pictures, in bottles, out of coloured sands.IMG_7699 And this man who offered himself for sale!!!IMG_7708  And then there was this man – who could have sold a truckload of sand to a Bedouin!IMG_7714I’m not exactly sure at what point my determination just to survey what was on offer became acquiescence, but he managed to sell me not one, but two pashminas with a total charm offensive.  Let me make it clear that I was happy with my goods, (and a willing victim of the charm offensive!) but as we parted I could only admire his salesmanship.

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