Thursday, November 6, 2008

The King’s Highway to Petra

We called into the Greek Orthodox Church of St George in Madaba to see  a 6th century mosaic pilgrims’ map of many of the places we’ve been on this trip. This section shows Jerusalem and its main streets.IMG_7740And while we were in a mosaic frame of mind, before you could say “Tree of Life” we found ourselves being ushered through a mosaic factory and shown how these modern-day works of art are created. 

IMG_7800 IMG_7803 IMG_7806 Funny how that happens… At least the mosaics were exquisite.IMG_7832Then we drove on through the biblical region of Moab.  Can you imagine anyone being able to survive here?IMG_7851 IMG_7834  Way down in the gorge I spotted this flock of sheep and goats!

After lunch we explored the Crusader castle at Karak.

IMG_7869From top to bottom (dungeons) -IMG_7886IMG_7866  - and I met 10 year old Said selling chewing gum to the tourists.  Even at his age he had the salesman patter perfected, and knew just how to turn on the charm!

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