Monday, November 3, 2008

Herod’s Temple

The light today was a photographer’s dream!  Just look at the sun shining on the massive stones of Herod’s temple (the lowest, biggest ones) on the Temple Mount.IMG_7265 IMG_7252 Here we are sitting on steps that we are certain led up to the Temple Mount in Jesus’ time.  The depth of the steps varies from narrow to wide in order to slow down those who would go up to pray.IMG_7257 I’ll say nothing about the Holocaust Museum – you have to be there.  It’s compelling.

IMG_7299IMG_7302Many of us have been feeling very confused about just where each of the events of the last days of Jesus’ life took place, but this vast and detailed model of Jerusalem in Herod’s time, at the Israel Museum, helped us find our bearings because we could pinpoint all the sites we’d visited.  IMG_7319 IMG_7355 IMG_7344

The sunset was spectacular!IMG_7376

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